Activate Your Health

Activate Your Health

Lisa Short

Mother, Wife, Entrepreneur

I was born in a small, rural town in the Central Valley called Turlock, California. I moved around a lot — 12 different houses total, in fact, between Fresno to Redding, until finally settling back into Turlock at 10 years old.

In the midst of that sea of instability though, I had a lighthouse in my Grandma Mary. My Grandma Mary was a huge influence as I grew up and I got the chance to watch her health routine and habits. She always took her health seriously, and the importance she put on fighting to keep her quality of life by protecting and preserving her health has never left my mind.

I learned so much from her, and of all the many things that I hold on to from her, some are still a part of my daily life; exercise, a morning routine, self-care and quality nutrition. But staying strong and healthy was just the tip of the iceberg, as she was just as strong mentally. She survived the Holocaust, risking her life daily for years while in hiding, and despite a hard life and serious illnesses, she never let her circumstances get in the way of her values.

Another personal hero of mine is my mother. My mom is my hero who introduced me to personal development and self-care. She taught me to be relentless in the pursuit of my happiness, and to give my all in everything I do. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree; I definitely am like my mother!

I have the most amazing husband, Phil, and two children; Avery, 3 and Connor, 5. I absolutely love being a mom, and I’m so blessed to also be able to do what I love and feel so passionately about, and that is help people. But life is a journey, and not a destination, so I always strive to grow, learn, and be my best.

Our health is irreplaceable, and I believe good health is one of the most valuable things we have in life. I feel honored to have been given the ability to help restore the bodies of those I work with to optimal health and see their full potential.

My ultimate goal is to utilize my gifts and strengths and make the most of my life and the lives of those around me with the time that I have. I believe we all have strengths and talents to contribute, and being able to contribute my talents to helping others live a happy, full, and fulfilling life, is the most rewarding thing I could ever ask for.


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