Are you ready to protect what's important to you in life through more energy, strength and confidence with each passing year?

“The last 15 years I had primarily done yoga and pilates but felt that I wasn't getting stronger and needed something else. These exercises are fun and interesting. Lisa really understands how the body works, even for someone my age. I feel 100% stronger than before I started!”

Susan W.

What would confidence in your health do for you in how you choose to live your life?

Retirement isn't the end goal. It's your health that offers the true freedom to live a life you love.

And I'm here to help you protect it.




Experience The Targeted Transformation Program as a couple (a fun bonding experience if I might add 🙂)



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Hi, I'm Lisa

Nutrition And Exercise Specialist Serving Women Just Like You For Over A Decade​
Why am I so passionate about helping women over 50? I have two heroes in my life, my grandma and my mom, who is now a grandma! Their love, support, and example to me have shaped who I am today and I am forever grateful to them both. I believe our health is our greatest asset and through my degree, certifications, experience working with hundreds of people for more than a decade, and strong will to be of service, I have learned how best to protect this priceless asset. Traveling, gardening, enjoying and making memories with your grandkids and kids, cherishing deep connections with friends, or contributing to a cause you believe in – anything you love to do – is available to you as long as you have your health. With my specialized methods you can experience the confidence that comes when you know health is on you side, no matter your age!

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The big difference of course is it’s one to one and I’m able to provide feedback with what’s happening with my body in real time, which makes a huge difference because some of these exercises I was actually doing in other classes and doing them incorrectly. But I didn’t know that because I didn’t have the opportunity in a bigger class to say “I’m feeling it here…” when I should have been feeling it in some other muscle group. And therefore we needed to tweak it. I’ve done mat and reformer pilates before and injured myself, having somebody there who keeps a check, I haven’t seen any injuries this time around, and that’s really where it’s at!






Susan & Gary

I really like what you do, it’s been a real life changer for me!





I've helped hundreds of people...

just like you take their health into their own hands by knowing exactly what to do to protect their health and enjoy the life they always imagined.  Unlike traditional exercise and nutrition programs that are quick fixes aimed toward the ’20-somethings’.

Low-impact, gentle strength training workouts specifically designed for women over 50 just like you – done from the comfort of your own home.

The Morning Movement Program

The Better Balance Program

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My Morning Kickstart Routine

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Since 2008, Body Potential Fitness has been helping clients live longer, sleep better, feel great, and enjoy their lives to the fullest of their own body's potential. All programs are personalized, to heal and restore from the inside out.



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