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Body Potential Fitness provides the following services in the Turlock, CA area:

Lisa Body Potential Fitness

Private and Semi-Private Personal Training

Personalized health and wellness coaching including custom workout programs and nutrition guidance designed to help you reach your full body potential. Personal training consists of a 30 or 60 minute training session.

Group Training

Small group training is fun, convenient, and affordable. Group training is offered throughout the week in 60 minute sessions at times that allow you to get your workout in either before or after your normal workday. View our class schedule here.

Nutrition and Exercise Coaching

If your primary goal is to lose weight, exercise that is coupled with correct nutrition habits will get you to your goals much faster. BPF does not promote fad diets or short term "Bootcamps", but rather a change in lifestyle. Don't let bad nutrition choices delay or completely sabotage the results you've been working so hard to achieve. If you're ready to make the commitment to your own success, BPF will help you get there.

Strength and Sculpt | Weight Loss | Balance, Core, Posture and Flexibility | Kettle Bell | TRX | Functional Training | Pilates | Pilates Reformer | Senior

Every body is different and we all have different goals that motivate us. BPF creates customized programs consisting of a mix of training styles and equipment to help you reach your health and wellness goals. BPF program design is created by certified instructors that keeps training fun and exciting so you'll never get bored. BPF is qualified to help seniors as well as those who are looking to better strengthen and improve their mobility through safe and effective training.


Our mission at Body Potential Fitness is to help each client move better, feel better and live healthier and happier lives.


BPF takes a holistic approach to wellness focusing on real food and a balanced healthy lifestyle. We are all different, let us help you learn what your body needs to reach your goals. The quicker you learn what your body needs, the quicker the results. Let’s do this right the first time.


Its important to approach exercise with the goal of bettering the body for the future rather than breaking it down for today. The key to success is consistency and personalized programming that promotes training smarter rather than harder.


BPF offers private or semi-private personal training, group exercise classes, online health coaching & training, or a mix of delivery methods to help you reach your full body potential. Contact BPF to get started.

Healthy Body, Healthy Life

New Clients: to request a complimentary consultation please contact Lisa by phone @ 209-535-1298 or through our contact page with your preferred time(s).