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Body Potential Fitness

Located in Turlock, we’re the gym right in your neighborhood!

Body Potential Fitness specializes in personalized fitness programs for older adults and seniors.

Highly effective and safe workouts that are personalized, age appropriate and matched to people who are interested in managing their long-term health.  We meet you at your current fitness level and expand into full body strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination and balance!

This home-based exercise studio offers a calm private environment supported by a close-knit fitness community.

Your personal trainer, Lisa, has a unique training style that blends Pilates, resistance training, circuit training and functional training for a fun and effective workout experience. She has a degree in exercise and wellness, multiple fitness certifications and more than a decade of experience in personal training and group personal training!

Services include*:

Personal Training

30 minute session focusing on your specific goals and needs.  Perfect for the person with limitations or who is an absolute beginner. $50/session.

Couples Training

30 minute session shared by two people (could be friends, family, etc.).   $80/session.

Group Personal Training

Two groups are available to choose from:
Exercise 101; Intermediate to Advanced Training.

Exercise 101

Offered Tuesday AND Thursday morning from 9:30-10:30 a.m. This group is perfect for the person who is newer to exercising or feels like they are starting over or may have some limitations.   Price is $280/month.

Intermediate to Advanced Training

Offered Monday through Thursday at 4:00-5:00 p.m., choose your best two days to attend.  This group is perfect for the experienced exerciser who still wants personalized attention.  Price is $280/month.

Personalized Programming Package

8 personal training sessions focused on helping you maximize your results when you workout on your own. After your 8 sessions you will get a personalized 6 month workout program for you to take and use at your house or gym.  This is great for the person with a specific goal in mind, has suffered from frequent injuries, or is looking to spice up their current workout regimen.  Price is $599.

Workout Videos

Body Potential Fitness offers workout videos and has just launched a new series, “Ease Into Exercise”.  This 6 workout video series is great for a person new to exercise and prefers to workout from home or with very limited equipment.  Stream them and workout right along with the video!  $47

*all services are subject to availability, space is limited.  Contact Lisa Short.
Ease Into Exercise features one of Body Potential Fitness’ real clients and was produced in the BPF Studio. Check out the highlight reel of the video series below.
Lisa Short
Owner/Health and Fitness Coach


  • Personal and group trainer since 2007
  • BA in Physical Education with a concentration of Health & Wellness
  • Precision Nutrition Certified
  • TPI Movement Certified
  • RKC Kettle Bell Certified 
  • BASI MAT Pilates Certified
  • Pilates Coach Reformer I & II Certified
  • Fall Prevention Certification from the Healthy Aging Association