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Welcome to Body Potential Fitness where we take the approach that health and fat loss should be a natural and instinctive process. Anyone can reach their fitness goals with consistency and proper instruction that promotes training smarter rather than harder.

Are you looking for a place to workout in Turlock? Do you belong to a gym but are lost when you get there, unsure what to do? Have you tried personal trainers with the approach “no pain, no gain” that only lead you to a long-term injury? Want more privacy when you workout? Do you prefer a safe, customized, supervised exercise experience? Have some life-habits that need some improvement but you don't know where to start?

The personalized exercise and nutrition programs of BPF help clients to improve overall health and body movement, increase strength, increase self-esteem, and prevent injury or lifestyle related diseases. BPF utilizes corrective exercise and movement patterns that strengthen, balance, stabilize and mobilize the entire body as a whole. If fat loss is your goal, consistent exercise coupled with nutrition awareness and positive lifestyle changes will greatly aid in your fat loss journey.

Our mission at Body Potential Fitness is to help each client move better, feel better and live healthier and happier lives.
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Lisa Short
Owner/Health and Fitness Coach


  • Personal and group trainer since 2007
  • BA in Physical Education with a concentration of Health & Wellness
  • Precision Nutrition Certified
  • TPI Movement Certified
  • RKC Kettle Bell Certified 
  • BASI MAT Pilates Certified
  • Pilates Coach Reformer I & II Certified
  • Fall Prevention Certification from the Healthy Aging Association

Hi, I’m Lisa Short and I will be your Coach during your training with Body Potential Fitness or throughout the Habits Make Health Program! My in-person coaching business is in Turlock, CA and I have designed the Habits Make Health coaching program to be able to reach more people with my training philosophy.  I strive to help my clients find the confidence, skill set and results that they have been wanting when it comes to their health and wellbeing.  I take the “self-care” approach when coaching because I believe that it has the most amazing and transformative benefits of any approach. A deep passion of mine is to help more people learn to take care of their bodies now and for their future selves as well.  The aging process does not have to succumb to medications, lifestyle related disease and a loss of independence.


Our mission at Body Potential Fitness is to help each client move better, feel better and live healthier and happier lives.


BPF takes a holistic approach to wellness focusing on real food and a balanced healthy lifestyle. We are all different, let us help you learn what your body needs to reach your goals. The quicker you learn what your body needs, the quicker the results. Let’s do this right the first time.


Its important to approach exercise with the goal of bettering the body for the future rather than breaking it down for today. The key to success is consistency and personalized programming that promotes training smarter rather than harder.


BPF offers private or semi-private personal training, group exercise classes, online health coaching & training, or a mix of delivery methods to help you reach your full body potential. Contact BPF to get started.

Healthy Body, Happy Life

New Clients: to request a complimentary consultation please contact Lisa by phone @ 209-535-1298 or through our contact page with your preferred time(s).


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