Why Having A Morning Routine Will Change Your Life

The Benefits of a Morning Routine

There are many people who try to work on their self-care. They might try to exercise more, eat healthier foods, eliminate caffeine from their diet, or make other changes in their life. Did you know that one of the best self-care tips that you can implement in your life is to create and stick to a morning routine? Most people are in such a rush in the morning that is sets a negative tone for the rest of their day. You need time in the morning to breathe. Having a morning routine can help you to unwind and prepare for your day.

Think about it. How often do you take time in the morning to do your hair or your makeup? How often do you take the time to say an affirmation to yourself to set positive intentions for your day? Most people jump in the shower quickly and then run out the door. They might be running late or just in a rush because that is how their life always goes. This doesn’t have to be the case for you any longer.

Once you learn the importance of a morning routine, you can start to create and implement that routine.


Reducing Your Stress Levels

Are you one of the millions of people in this world who experience stress just about every day of your life? Maybe you constantly feel stressed and can’t seem to get rid of it at all. If you develop and stick to a morning routine, this is going to change things. For one thing, once you have a morning routine and get used to it, you are going to know exactly what your morning consists of. This will take the stress out of your morning time. Everything will happen in a certain order and the things that you do will be automatic. You won’t even need to think about it.


Feeling Like You Have More Time

Do you ever feel like there is never enough time in the day? You might feel like this as soon as you wake up in the morning. However, once you create and stick to a morning routine, you should start feeling like you have more time. While you can never make more than 24 hours in one day, you can create a better routine. With routines, you can stop wasting time and make more time for the important things. You can stop wasting time thinking about what all you have to do because you will already know what is next in your routine and schedule. With less time worrying, you will have more time to enjoy what you are doing and enjoy your life in general, as well.


Forgetting Less

Are you often forgetting things, especially in the morning? Maybe you have left the house numerous times and forgotten things at home that you needed while you were out. You might have rushed out of the house to pick up groceries only to realize you forgot your shopping list. This might be because you aren’t leaving enough time in the morning to get things ready or you just feel stressed the instant you get up. Either way, forgetting things doesn’t have to keep happening. By creating a morning routine, you can plan out your morning better. When doing so and sticking to that routine, you won’t be as stressed. This will reduce the chances that you will forget things in the morning and at other points throughout your day, as well.


Taking Better Care of Yourself

Once you get your day started, you often think of everyone but yourself. You might have to get your house organized, water the garden, walk the dog, and so on. Maybe you need to get to work and take care of tasks for your employer. If you’re no longer working, maybe it’s social clubs or organizations that you’ve volunteered for or signed up to help, like events or a local church. While all of these are wonderful things, the question is, when are you going to take care of yourself?

The best time to take care of yourself is in the morning. If you create a morning routine, part of that routine could — and indeed, it should — include taking care of yourself. Maybe you want to take 10 minutes in the morning to drink your coffee and do a crossword puzzle. You might want to exercise in the morning to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You could decide to do your hair in the morning to help yourself feel better. There are numerous ways you could take care of yourself in the morning in even a short amount of time. Find an idea that works for you (or even more than one) and add it into your morning routine. If you need help with this, our Morning Movement program is a great place to start.


Better Eating

How many times have you eaten a pastry or donut for breakfast? Maybe you are constantly eating a snack out of your cupboard because you feel there isn’t even time to make breakfast. If you are like many people, you skip breakfast altogether. This is not healthy. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you have a morning routine, there is more of a chance that you are going to eat better in the morning. You can plan extra time in the morning to eat a healthy cereal, a protein bar, eggs, or a gluten-free muffin. Maybe you even want to plan extra time in your morning routine to drink a cup of hot tea, instead of grabbing something unhealthy while you’re out and about.


These are some of the numerous ways that you can benefit from having a morning routine. Think about what you need in your morning routine. Make a list of these things and implement them into a routine. Don’t make it too complicated. You can even start with drinking a glass of water, having a protein bar, and taking 5 minutes to yourself to express gratitude. If you start simple, you are more likely to stick to your morning routine in the long run. After you get used to doing 1 to 3 things in your morning routine, you can add more tasks or activities into that routine. Eventually, you are going to have a well-created morning routine that is easy for you to stick to. It should become effortless.



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