Everything You Need to Know About Grapeseed Extract for Anti-aging

Every once in a while a supplement comes along with a ton of hype in the marketplace. And every so often one of those supplements actually lives up to it’s hype. Today I’m going to be talking about one of the supplements that does in fact live up to the hype: Grape Seed Extract, or as it is lovingly called in the supplement community, GSE.

Grapeseed extract is, as the name suggests, an extract from the seeds of grapes. While it is full of healthful compounds, some of the key compounds I’d like to focus on in this article are procyanidins and tannins. These appear to cause anti-estrogenic effects and could improve circulation; both of which benefits have tons of potential health effects in their own right. In this guide, you’ll learn some of the key reasons why you should seriously consider adding GrapeSeed Extract to your diet if you’re an adult over 50.


Benefits of Using Grapeseed Extract For Adults Over 50

Studies have been done that show the positive effects grapeseed extract has on humans. Some of the many benefits conferred while taking grapeseed extract regularly include the following:

  • Better managed blood pressure (able to help lower high blood pressure, people 60 and younger and those who were overweight showed the most improvements)
  • Reducing elevated heart rate
  • Decreasing bad cholesterol levels
  • Noticeable increase in blood flow throughout the body (this helped to reduce blood clots, edema, and leg swelling)
  • Could reduce C-reactive protein levels
  • Studies showed that those who took grapeseed extract had a larger appetite
  • A minor decrease in oxidative damage (high oxidation for LDL cholesterol can cause atherosclerosis which can cause severe heart health issues)
  • Some study participants experienced reductions in leg swelling, i.e. edema.
  • Some decreased levels of chloasma
  • Improved bone strength and levels of collagen (improves the formation of bones, boosted bone density, and reduces inflammatory conditions)
  • Brain support (reduces inflammation in the brain, reduces the risk of neurodegenerative diseases, reduces memory loss, improves cognitive functions, and boosts antioxidant levels)
  • Prevent infections (improves antifungal/antibacterial properties and prevents candida)
  • Better kidney functions (leading to reduced oxidative stress and less damage from inflammatory conditions
  • Reducing the risk of cancer (particularly gastric, breast, oral squamous cell, lung, prostate, liver, and pancreatic cancers)
  • Liver protection (detoxifies the body, protects against toxin exposure damage, and reduces the risk of fatty liver disease)
  • Improves healing of wounds (quicker wound healing and better look of the wounds)

Now that you are more familiar with some of the many benefits of grapeseed extract, it may be helpful to know about some potential side effects when using this extract.

How to Use Grapeseed Extract

Before learning more about the benefits of grapeseed extract, you should learn how to use it. The information regarding the use of this extract includes the following:

  • Studies show that humans should use 150 to 300 mg of grapeseed extract daily
  • Some people will need to use a maximum of 600 mg daily

Potential Side Effects When Using Grapeseed Extract

In addition to learning about the positive effects that grapeseed extract has on people, it is also beneficial to learn about the side effects it may have, as well. Some of the things that you should know regarding the side effects of this extract include the following:

  • Minimal side effects recorded throughout many studies that have been performed
  • Dosages as high as 800 mg have been noted as safe for humans (higher doses have not been readily recorded for safety)
  • Women that are pregnant and/or breastfeeding should not use grapeseed extract (there isn’t enough data to support whether or not it is safe in these situations)
  • Anyone who is taking blood pressure or blood-thinner medications should not take grapeseed extract or they should be cautious about doing so (this extract can thin the blood and reduce blood pressure)
  • Cause a reduction in iron absorption (if you already have a difficult time getting enough iron, grapeseed extract should not be used)
  • Quicker metabolism of drugs (if you are taking any medications, such as pain medications, it is important to know that this extract can cause the medications to metabolize much quicker than they normally would)

For most people, grapeseed extract is tolerated fairly well. With this being said, those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking blood thinners, or taking blood pressure medications should not be using this extract. They can talk to their doctor about other supplements that are safe for them to be taking.

Other Information to Note About Grapeseed Extract

In addition to the information that you just learned about grapeseed extract, there are some other things that you may want to know, as well. This information includes the following:

  • Form: Nutraceutical and Nootropic
  • Functions: Cardiovascular, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory, anti-aging
  • Other Names: OPC-3, GSE, Procyanidin, and Oligomeric Procyanidins
  • Misconceptions: People may think this is the same as resveratrol or pycnogenol (it is not)

This information is important if you are going to start taking grapeseed extract on a regular basis. It may be best if you do discuss your reasons for wanting to use this extract with your doctor. This way, if there are any concerns that your doctor has regarding the use of grapeseed extract, they can let you know before you start using it.


There are many supplements and extracts out there that can benefit the human body. Grapeseed extract is one of the supplements, that comes from grape seeds, that has been found to provide humans with numerous health benefits. The antioxidants in it are just one of the many ways that this extract works to improve overall health. Whether you want to manage your blood pressure, reduce inflammation in your body, reduce your risk of getting cancer, relieve oxidative stress, reduce damage to the tissues in your body, or gain other health benefits, you can start taking grapeseed extract regularly.

Keep in mind that all health issues that you have should be monitored by your primary care physician. If your doctor gives you the go-ahead to use grapeseed extract to manage any one of the above-mentioned health conditions, you can proceed with confidence. Grapeseed extract has helped many people improve their brain, skin, liver, heart, and kidney functions. It could very well help you out with managing and improving your health, as well.


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